git notes for the Linux kernel

Vegard Nossum vegard.nossum at
Mon Oct 17 11:50:04 UTC 2022

Hi cgit maintainers,

I've improved the support for git notes in cgit, including the ability
to load notes from a separate repository than the one you are viewing.

My use case is using a separate repository of git notes for the Linux
kernel to annotate commits with extra cross-referencing information such
as e.g.:

- lore links to patch submissions matching the patch,
- references to subsequent fixes (if the current commit is buggy)
- mitre links to CVEs
- references to backports in stable/LTS

My hope is that these notes can eventually be displayed on -- at least, we've found the notes invaluable and a huge
time saver in different types of kernel work. (I'm still in the process
of working out how to release these notes and/or the scripts generating
them, but that's a different topic.)

I tried to submit the git.git patches upstream, but they were rejected
by the maintainer for not being general enough:

I will unfortunately not be able to implement the git maintainer's
suggestion, so I'll just offer up my git and cgit patches here, in case
cgit would still like this functionality; it would mean having to
maintain and carry the extra 2 git.git patches. I would be happy to
continue forward-porting those patches, however, as this is something I
will need to do for our internal use anyway.

Here is a screenshot of cgit with Linux kernel notes in action:

cgit patches will follow in replies to this email -- the two prerequisite
git.git patches are available at the git mailing list link above and
should apply cleanly to v2.38.0.



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