cgit with busybox httpd

Andreas Mahling andreas.mahling at
Tue Mar 7 19:16:35 UTC 2023

I've preferred to patch busybox httpd.

thanks for your help
Am Mo., 6. März 2023 um 15:42 Uhr schrieb John Keeping <john at>:
> [Cc: add the mailing list back in]
> On Mon, Mar 06, 2023 at 01:01:50PM +0100, Andreas Mahling wrote:
> > It seems the 404 is generated by httpd, I think because the url ends with a
> > slash httpd treats the part after cgit.cgi not as PATH_INFO (as it should)
> > but as a directory. So this seems more a fault of httpd to me.
> >
> > Sorry, but I don't understand how to put into QUERY_STRING what now goes
> > into PATH_INFO. Do you mean the virtual-root option in cgitrc?
> > It is already commented out in my setup, but cgit builds the url with
> > PATH_INFO part anyway.
> To disable that feature you would have the patch the CGit source and
> build your own cgit binary.
> There is code in cmd_main() which automatically calculates the virtual
> root from other environment variables if they are provided (and it seems
> that httpd does provide this detail to CGI scripts).

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