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Matěj Cepl mcepl at cepl.eu
Mon Jan 29 22:43:42 UTC 2024


I would like basically what was already asked before on the
cgit-pink list, but I haven’t found any actionable reply to it,

The summary page for example on https://git.cepl.eu/cgit/nntplib/
seems to me much less useful as a default than the about page
(https://git.cepl.eu/cgit/nntplib/about/), tree
(https://git.cepl.eu/cgit/nntplib/tree/), or log
(https://git.cepl.eu/cgit/nntplib/log/) tabs. Is there a way how
to configure this default page? Or would it be possible to write
some kind of filter, which would change the tab displayed?

Thank you for any reply,


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