[pass] why copy to clipboard?

Antoine Beaupré anarcat at orangeseeds.org
Tue Dec 4 17:17:31 CET 2012

On 2012-12-03, milki wrote:
> On 22:50 Sun 02 Dec     , Antoine Beaupr?? wrote:
>> I use the commandline extensively, xterm in fact, most of the time.
>> This makes using pass a little bit ackward, because i can't copy paste
>> the password from pass -c to xterm, as xterm doesn't have a "paste"
>> functionality.
> The clipboard is a functionality of Xorg, not of your particular
> terminal. This sounds like a possible misconfiguration of your system.
> Alas, I have no clue how clipboards work myself.

Well, I know how clipboards work in Xorg, and I encourage you to read
the following article to know more about it:


To put it simply, the X11 protocol defines *two* different clipboard,
the one that is usually bound to control-c/control-v, called the
"clipboard selection", and a *different* one called the "primary
selection", that gets activated when you select text with the mouse (and
you paste with the middle mouse button).

I do not think my system is misconfigured: xterm relies only on the
"primary selection", not the "clipboard selection". That is, you copy
by selecting with the mouse and paste with the middle mouse button. It
doesn't, by default, interact with the clipboard selection.

xclip, the tool used by password-store, behaves the same by default,
that is it sends the data to the primary selection, not the clipboard

pass overrides that default behavior which makes it difficult to
interoperate with xterm.

My point is that this default should change, or at least be overridable,
or copy to both clipboards, otherwise the clipboard functionality is
rather useless to me.



We should act only in such away that if everyone 
else acted as we do, we would accept the results.
                        - Kant
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