[pass] symmetric key encryption

milki milki at rescomp.berkeley.edu
Tue Oct 16 02:03:14 CEST 2012

On 17:01 Mon 15 Oct     , ROGERIO DE CARVALHO BASTOS wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Can I use symmetric key encryption with 'pass' ?
> I think this improve mobilite because I can store my passwords in a  
> flash and use another machines.

Hmm. I think I understand the actual question now. Sorry for

You want to be able to specify using symmetric key encryption, which is
not the default gpg operation. pass currently uses a GPGID file which
specifies the id of an assymmetric key and relies on gpg to detect the
key type from the encrypted file.

In order to support symmetric keys then, pass would need to specify
symmetric key encryption when it encrypts the file. I don't believe it
would need anything different for decryption. This doesn't sound hard to


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