[pass] Script to import from the Revelation password manager

Emanuele Aina em at nerd.ocracy.org
Mon Jan 14 10:09:17 CET 2013

Jason A. Donenfeld wrote:

> We're not much of a github project -- more of the mailing list patch
> kind of workflow. But thanks a bunch for the script -- I'd be happy to
> merge it into the contrib dir.

Patch attached.

> Can you relicense it as GPLv2+?

I'd prefer to keep the current licensing, the code reading the
Revelation store is mostly unchanged from the original Relevation code
and I'd prefer to be able to share eventual fixes both ways. Since it's
a contrib script and the licensing is compatible with the GPLv2+ I hope
this won't be a big issue.

Emanuele Aina
✪ http://nerd.ocracy.org/em/em at nerd.ocracy.org
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