[pass] Group management

Miguel Artacho martacho at afilias.info
Thu Mar 28 20:22:38 CET 2013

Hi all,

     Sorry to interrupt abruptly.

     I'm in a project for renovating the Password Store system in my 
company, and I'm considering using Password Store command line tool.  We 
are 6 different groups of systems administrators and we are already 
using git for sysadmin tasks. Our current system is gpg+vim plain text 
file in a shared nfs folder, and that is becoming a little tedious to 
maintain and keep organized.

     We are already using git, but the problem is that every sysadmin 
has ssh access to the git server, and we want each group to be able to 
list and decrypt the passwords of his team (not every password accessing 
the server), with the option of sharing some "public" passwords or 
passwords that can be read by all teams.  To be able to define ACLs for 
each user would be outstanding, but it's not strictly necessary.

     What is the best approach to this using "pass"?  Any assistance or 
clue will be highly appreciated, considering that I'm relatively new to 
gpg and git.   I hope I can deploy the tool in the company and 
collaborate in the future with this list or with the tool itself.

Miguel Artacho
Systems Administrator
martacho at afilias.info

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