[pass] Same name for subfolder and password

Robert Mitwicki robert.mitwicki at opensoftware.pl
Sun Nov 17 21:46:19 CET 2013


I have small problem with existing functionality.
I created password:

    pass insert foo/bar/psql

Then I have created another password:

    pass insert foo/bar/psql/user1

Right now when I am trying to retrive psql password:

    pass show foo/bar/psql

I am getting tree of the subfolder instead of the password.
The problem is because pass is checking the $path and if the path exist
then it just display the tree without checking if there is $passfile with that

I could provide patch to fix that problem but first I would like to ask what is
the best way of doing that. My suggestion is to skip the tree if there is passfile
with the same name and display just password. In other hand it will be good to
have both but how to decide which one user wants to display? Or maybe prevent to
create password with the same name as the subfolder?

Please let me know how you would like to solve that problem and I could provide
fix for it.

Thanks a lot
Best regards

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