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Matthieu Weber mweber at free.fr
Fri Apr 18 11:13:30 CEST 2014

On Thu 17.04.2014 at 11:05:02PM +0100, Adam Wellings wrote:
> I'm just wondering if anyone has used pass on Maemo (Nokia n900) or similar?

I am using pass on a n900 (although not very often).

> I've installed it and hit a couple of issues and I've initially worked
> round a couple of them, but before I get too far down the line, I just
> wondered if there's a better way.
> 1) Pass calls gpg2, whereas gpg on Maemo is gpg. Initially I edited
> the script to change the calls to gpg - but when I resolve the other
> issues, I'll reinstall pass and instead set-up a link to from gpg2 to
> gpg.

I hacked pass to change gpg2 to gpg and remove the --batch option. Since
then, pass 1.5 came out and detects if you have gpg2 or only gpg.

> 2) mkdir in busybox doesn't support the -v option. I've manually
> removed this option from the script. Again, I may instead set-up a
> different resolution. I'll probably wrap mkdir with a a function that
> "eats" the option.

Good point, I didn't even remember doing that too. But since -v is not
essential, I don't really care :)

> 3) Pass now encrypts no problem, but when it decrypts it calls gpg,
> which calls gpg-agent but that returns an error that it can't
> execute pinentry. That error
> message is very generic but *suggests* it can't find pinentry.
> "can't connect to the PIN entry module: End of file"
> I can run pinentry manually.
> I realise this isn't gpg list and I'll ask on there if I can't resolve it but I
> wondered if anyone else had seen this.

Removing the --batch option and using gpg instead of gpg2 removes the
need for pinentry. Since there is no gpg-agent in maemo, I have gpg
asking me straight on the terminal for my passphrase, everytime it is
> Also, if I don't use gpg-agent (and after the above error) I get an error
> message from gpg saying it can't ask for the passphrase in batch mode. I'm
> tempted to remove the batch option from pass on the phone.

As Jason mentioned in his answer, pass 1.5 solves the gpg2/gpg problem,
the need for pinentry and the absence of gpg-agent. The only thing that
remains to be hacked in maemo is the mkdir -v option.

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