[pass] Mobile Apps

thesombrerokid at ratusapparatus.com thesombrerokid at ratusapparatus.com
Thu Dec 4 00:00:57 CET 2014

Hi I've been using password store as my password manager and I think 
it's great, I'm particularly pleased it's foss which I believe is the 
only feasible model for a trustworthy password manager to take. I found 
that my only issue with it has been how to use it on devices which do 
not support running it locally, I've generally ssh'd to a server which 
does on those devices, mainly my android phone. To help with that I've 
decided to write a library for accessing pass remotely and build mobile 
apps to take advantage of it. I'm currently working on the android app, 
with an iOS app to follow, they are both of course foss. You can find 
the very early & (currently) very insecure android version here. Please 
don't actually use the current version as it is wide open, but I thought 
it might be of interest to this mailing list.

Thanks, Andrew.

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