[pass] Porting to OpenBSD

Dahlberg, David david.dahlberg at fkie.fraunhofer.de
Fri Dec 5 12:36:17 CET 2014

Hi *,

recently I noticed that I couldn't use my favourite password manager on
OpenBSD. I think, we should do something about that ...

Attached you'll find the platform script. And a diff which makes the
Makefile make, although I am not sure, wheth that you like it that way.

The problem is: OpenBSD's "install" has no "-v" switch.
Possible options:
a) Remove "-v" (as in patch)
b) install && echo
c) some platform dependent construct like INSTALL="install -v"

_Installation instructions_
Install a lot of "g" packages and make install:
$ sudo pkg_add git gmake gnupg gnugetopt bash pwgen 
$ git clone http://git.zx2c4.com/password-store
$ sudo PREFIX=/usr/local gmake install


David Dahlberg     

Fraunhofer FKIE, Dept. Communication Systems (KOM) | Tel: +49-228-9435-845
Fraunhoferstr. 20, 53343 Wachtberg, Germany        | Fax: +49-228-856277
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