[pass] Pass hack on Android...

Stefan Simroth stefan.simroth at gmail.com
Thu Feb 6 22:59:29 CET 2014

Hey Steve,

great to hear that you are also thinking about this!

I have a huge issue with just copying my passwords to the clipboard...
did that long time ago with the KeePassDroid app and then found my
passwords in the clipboard saved forever, as well as in other apps that
access the clipboard.. not what I wanted, so I stopped having my
passwords on my phone completely.

However, I want that feature back and have an idea how that could work.

I have put my ideas and thoughts for an pass android app together on github:


Please, all that are interested, take a look and give feedback!

I would do some more experiments (little demo apps) and will try to hack
them from other apps... and then will see. I guess a good app could come
out of this.


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> Absender: Stephen Blott
> Datum: 01/29/2014 12:54 PM
> Hi Folks,
> I use pass on my desktop and laptop, but it was bothering me that I don't
> have access to my passwords when out and about (Android).
> I put together a hack involving zshaolin (for git and gpg), Tasker and
> AutoShare.  Clone password-store to phone, select a *.gpg file and share
> it: select an AutoShare option and Tasker asks for your passphrase and
> flashes (or possibly copies it to the clipboard -- not secure).
> In any case, it works.  As there is not currently an Android app, would
> there be any interest in me writing this hack up?
> Downside: I think zshaolin, Tasker and AutoShare are all pay apps.
> Steve
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