[pass] Patch for adding a multiclip option

Von Welch von at vwelch.com
Fri Feb 14 02:02:44 CET 2014


 I'm said author of the -tail. I'll just add one thing about --tail to what
Jonas and Philip have said and that it works intelligently with -c, so '-t'
along doesn't put anything to the paste buffer but '-c -t' does. That's
logic much easier to add inside of password store than outside of it (and
yes, for those not running an agent, I do it with only one decryption).

 As a side note, I'm always loath to run 'pass' without -c because I'm not
convinced I can actually clear my screen well enough being that I'm running
in tmux inside of iTerm, and just too many things that can cache my output.
Putting passwords to stdout is last resort for me.


p.s. I send the patch to this list a few weeks ago, you can find it here:

On Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 7:00 PM, Matthew Cengia <mattcen at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 2014-02-13 09:40, Philip Chase wrote:
> > I like the --tail option.
> >
> > I find myself running  "pass myAccount" to verify the username.  I then
> run
> > "pass -c myAccount", because I don't want to lift my hand to copy the
> > password to the scrap.
> >
> > Much as I like the unix philosophy of do one thing and do it well, I've
> > always seen it as a guide, not a religion.  Would it be so bad to save
> the
> > end user some keystrokes?
> >
> > Eschewing conveniences creates obstacles to adoption.  It begs the
> > question, "Do we only want a certain type of people to use this
> software?"
> Of course it's not a hard and fast rule; the benefit of the code has to
> be weighed with the code quantity to decide whether it's worthwhile. I
> haven't seen the code for --tail, but given your above proposed
> use-case, and the fact that Jonas stated that is the author's intended
> purpose makes me reconsider my stance on this; it does sound like a
> commen enough use-case that it would be worth implementing inside pass.
> For my part, in the immediate term I'd probably just write a shell
> function:
>   passt(){ pass -c "$1"; pass "$1" | sed 1d;}
> But for every pass user to have to do this is a bit ridiculous when it
> could be done within pass.
> --
> Regards,
> Matthew Cengia
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