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Heikki Lehvaslaiho heikki.lehvaslaiho at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 14:44:18 CEST 2014

Here are some definitions as I understand them:

- password storage: Directory structure with encrypted files (and optional
git files).

- password file: An gpg encrypted file with with password string on the
first line.

- password: The actual password string. The only way to refer to a
                      password is to use its pass-name.

- pass-name: The name of the password file without .gpg extension

- path: Alias to pass-name with an emphasis on optional subdirectory
            structure embedded in the pass-name.

Now, the 'pass help' command uses these terms quite loosely. I've tried to
rewrite the text marking changed text with **. Feel free to compare the the
current output.

The text below might be hard to read due to word wrapping. It is partly
caused by lines longer than 78 characters. The line length should be fixed
in the usage text, too.


    pass init [--path=subfolder,-p subfolder] gpg-id...

        Initialize new password storage and use gpg-id for encryption.

        Selectively re-encrypt existing *password files* using new gpg-id.

    pass [ls] [subfolder]

        List *pass-names*.

    pass find *search-string [search-string]+*

    List *pass-names* that match *search-strings*.

    pass [show] [--clip,-c] pass-name

        Show existing password and optionally put *first line of* it on the

        If put on the clipboard, it will be cleared in 45 seconds.

    pass grep search-string

        *List pass-names of files* containing search-string when decrypted.

    pass insert [--echo,-e | --multiline,-m] [--force,-f] pass-name

        Insert new password. Optionally, echo the password back to the

        during entry. Or, optionally, the entry may be multiline. Prompt

        overwriting existing password unless forced.

    pass edit pass-name

        Insert a new password or edit an existing password using vi.

    pass generate [--no-symbols,-n] [--clip,-c] [--in-place,-i |
--force,-f] pass-name pass-length

        Generate a new password of pass-length with optionally no symbols.

        Optionally put it on the clipboard and clear board after 45 seconds.

        Prompt before overwriting existing password unless forced.

        Optionally replace only the first line of an existing file with a
new password.

    pass rm [--recursive,-r] [--force,-f] pass-name

        Remove existing password *file* or directory, optionally forcefully.

    pass mv [--force,-f] old-path new-path

        Renames or moves old-path to new-path, optionally forcefully,
selectively *re-encrypting*.

    pass cp [--force,-f] old-path new-path

        Copies old-path to new-path, optionally forcefully, selectively

    pass git git-command-args...

        If the password store is a git repository, execute a git command

        specified by git-command-args.

    pass help

        Show this text.

    pass version

        Show version information.

I hope your find these changes helpful.

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