[pass] [PATCH] See: "Bugfix for Mac's diskutil"

Jon Morehouse morehousej09 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 23:23:11 CEST 2014

I agree. This is a great fix and much needed. Would love to see this
committed into the pass source.

Talk soon,

Jon Morehouse

* John Reddy <john.reddy at gmail.com> [14-06-16 14:21]:
>I'm glad to see someone beat me to the punch on this fix.  I was just
>noticing it today when I brew upgraded from 1.5 to 1.6.2 and started
>generating orphan mount points with every "pass git status", "pass git
>pull", etc (anything that called the cmd_git() function).
>How long before this might be included in a 1.6.3 (or later) release?
>With my previous commit I missed that `pass git status` also uses
>> mounted ramdisks, and needs to be safely removed there as well.
>> Therefore I moved the cleanup_tmp function to the beginning of
>> src/password-store.sh's helper functions. The caveat is that any locally
>> defined tmp_file's need to be passed to the function's arguments. The
>> intended use for this function is the command for `trap` definitions
>> I also added a new test to t0600 to account for `pass git status`
>> behavior.
>> This commit passes all tests. Further testing and comments appreciated.

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