[pass] Feature Request/Proposal: obscured directories and filenames

Allan Odgaard lists+pass at simplit.com
Mon Jun 23 22:21:09 CEST 2014

On 23 Jun 2014, at 21:27, glittah at openmailbox.org wrote:

> On 2014-06-22 18:37, Dmitry Samsonov wrote :
> > I use encfs for that.
> > http://www.arg0.net/encfs
> > I think this is more unix-way than integration that functionality 
> with
> > pass.
> Wouldn't it be best to have this functionality more integrated with 
> the tool?

Using a single file per item has the advantage of shell completion, 
using version control, browse, move and rename the items in a file 
browser, edit them in a regular editor (that does GPG, or manually run 
GPG first), etc.

If you want an encrypted index then you take this away, and you 
introduce a dependency in the file system (on this index), so it seems 
like it would be better/easier to just move to a single (encrypted) 
database, but there are already alternative password managers that work 
like that.

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