[pass] [PATCH] Re: contribute to password-store emacs-package

Svend Sorensen svend at ciffer.net
Fri May 9 22:08:30 CEST 2014

Cayetano Santos <csantosb at inventati.org>

>   Here you have the patch. It includes:
>   - variables password-length and timeout

I like the variable password-length. Pass reads the
PASSWORD_STORE_CLIP_TIME environmental variable, so I will update the
emacs package to do the same.

>   - password-store-contents returns all text in entry

I like this too. I am wondering if this should be the default for
password-store-get, or at least an option.

>   - password-store-url expects 'url : htt....'

I am thinking of moving password-store-url out of password-store into an
add-on package. I'd like to keep the focus of the emacs password-store
package to be the same as the password-store project.

>   I included too a few comments to declare env variables for gpg-agent use.

The various PASSWORD_STORE_* environmental variables that are used
should be documented. I think instructions for getting gpg-agent working
should be documented in the README or a wiki.

I can implement these changes, or if you can send me separate patches
generated by git-format-patch, I can apply those.


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