[pass] Patch: Do not depend on verbose flags in Makefile

Dahlberg, David david.dahlberg at fkie.fraunhofer.de
Thu Apr 23 11:58:50 CEST 2015

Am Donnerstag, den 23.04.2015, 11:01 +0200 schrieb Jason A. Donenfeld:
> On Fri, Jan 30, 2015 at 12:54 PM, Dahlberg, David <
> david.dahlberg at fkie.fraunhofer.de> wrote:
> > For password-store.sh I will submit something similar shortly.
> Aside from being a bit busy, the biggest reason I've been hesitant to take
> a look at this is that it opens up a bit of a can of worms. Pass in fact
> relies on a number of GNUisms. I worry once we go down the path of
> adjusting the make file, and then we start playing with password-store.sh,
> and before you know it the entire script is twice as verbose and cluttered,
> because of these types of workarounds.

Well, actually I am not quite so pessimistic. For OpenBSD, what needs is
more or less two things. Originally I planned to tackle them one by

First, remove non-interoperable switches from POSIX commands the
Makefile. IMHO the easiest and interoperable way would be just to
generally remove the "-v" flags from "install" and "rm". If you really
want "-v", you may do something like in my patch.

After that, some adjustments have you made to password-store.sh, are

> The solution we've been doing so far
> is to add a platform/ file <
> http://git.zx2c4.com/password-store/tree/src/platform>.
> For OpenBSD, I'm not quite sure what the solution is and how far down this
> rabbit hole we need to go.

Not very deep indeed. I have the a platform.sh which is already "near

Here a quick overview over things, that I cannot change in the
platform.sh at the moment:

Issue: "(cp|rm|mkdir) -v"
Possible solution: Remove "-v"
Possible solution: Define "VERBOSE" variable, which may be defined in

Issue: "grep --color"
Possible solution: Remove "--color", let distros define it in .bashrc
Possible solution: Define "GREP_COLOR" -- deprecated by GNU grep :-(
Possible solution: Define "COLORGREP" command, like is being done
  already with GETOPT and SHRED

Issue: mktemp needs at least one more "X" in template
Solution: Add one more X to the template. Easy :-)

Issue: Quite different versions of "tree"
Temporary solution:
  Keep it as it is. So "pass find" won't work on OpenBSD, if 
  installed from source. For ports I substituted it with "find", which
  does not print a nice tree and breaks "make test", but still does the 
More permanent solution:
  Password-store assumes Steve Baker's version of "tree". So port it
  to OpenBSD (trivial) and use it. If it will end up with a different
  name, we will need a "TREE" variable for platform.sh, as there is
  already one for "shred" and "getopt".

> No. It's better to just post all of them at once and let reviews happen
> organically like that.

You'll find the one for "mktemp" attached. For the other ones, please
decide upon an approach and I will submit the patches accordingly.


David Dahlberg     

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