[pass] Extending pass with user-defined hooks / add ons

Steffen Vogel post at steffenvogel.de
Sat Aug 1 12:42:09 CEST 2015


> What about a system similar to Git[1] where subcommands are just
> exectuables in your $PATH?

Having a „pass-age“ sub-command somewhere in $PATH:~/.password-store/.hooks/ ?
Thats a nice idea :-) I like it.

> This has some benefits over keeping commands in your password store:
> * pass doesn't have to care about special or "blessed" directories
> * Subcommands can be written in any language
> * It's easy for third party packages to add new commands
> Plus if you want to keep your passwords and custom commands together you
> can add ~/.password-store/.hooks (or whatever it may be) to your $PATH.

Convinced :-) I’d like to keep the addons together with my passwords.
This way, I can sync my add ons using „pass git pull“.

I would say, that we should agree to a hidden subdir in ~/.password-store which gets automatically added to $PATH by pass.

Some proposals (which one do you like?)


Kind Regards,


PS: I will prepare a patch soon (tm).


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