[pass] pass ln?

Steffen Vogel post at steffenvogel.de
Sun Aug 9 21:11:27 CEST 2015

Hi Leho,

> Occasionally multiple related services on different domains should be linked to the same password, instead of duplicating with cp.

I would add some kind of meta data to the encrypted file. E.g.:

URL: domain.com
URL: domain2.com

Unfortunately, this metadata can’t be used as an index for „pass show“ because it’s encrypted :-S

Apart from that, you would recommend against using the same password multiple times.
Thats contradictory to the purpose of password store.

So, more me there’s a reason for and two against adding symlinks :D

> Stuff like domain.com+domain2.com/e-mail maybe a valid fallback, if popular demand isn't there, but "pass ln" seems to make sense from a model standpoint. Thoughts?

There are more commands which are aliases for common Unix commands: rm cp mv ln git …
Maybe we could combine those in a single implementation:

pushd ~/.password-store

> Is there a web based issue tracker for pass?

No, just the mailing list. Using GitHub for Pull requests and Issues is discouraged.

Best Regards,


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