[pass] Adding/removing keys

Ben Butler-Cole ben at bridesmere.com
Wed Dec 9 14:48:43 CET 2015


I'm trying out using pass for sharing secrets amongst a team of people. So
far it's working well.

We have a team of 30 or so people with a fair bit of turn-over. We'd like
to be able to make certain secrets accessible to subsets of the team.

The only operation that is a bit of a pain is adding and removing keys for
a single secret. At the moment you have to find the appropriate file, read
it to see which keys are already there and then manually copy them in to a
`pass init` command.

Has any thought been given to adding operations to make that easier? I
started to do this myself, but it looked like being enough work that I
wanted to get some feedback here first.

The simplest thing that would be helpful would be a command to list the
existing keys for a given node in the tree. More useful still would be
direct add and remove commands.

Any thoughts?

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