[pass] [PATCH] Add a new parameter to the show command

Étienne Deparis etienne at depar.is
Mon Feb 2 17:58:20 CET 2015


I use intensively pass, which is a clever solution to password
management. However I miss a feature, which allow me to quickly get
password information when I know the pass file, but forgot (or don't
want to remember) its position in the password tree.

Thus, I propose the attached patch, which add an option to the "show"
command in order to display the content of the first file matching the
path parameter. Sort of "I'm lucky" thing for my password bucket.

Do not hesitate to discuss my proposal. Maybe you prefer a separate
command or something else.

As I do not succeed to have git send-email working on my machine (seems
to be perl-tls-something related. Not so much time to investigate), I
send the result of the git format-patch command instead. If I don't
misunderstood git send-email man page, it must be the same thing.

Best regards,

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