[pass] gpg issue

Alberto Casado acb at inventati.org
Thu Feb 5 19:16:50 CET 2015

Hello everyone,

I'm new over here and don't know if I should write this here.
When I made

pass init mygpgidentity

I used  one gpg identity. Then it asked me for the password and it 
wouldn't work, so I couldn't look at any of the passwords I had imported 
from keepassx. Then I thought to open thunderbird and insert there my 
gpg password. Fortunately, it worked and I can look at my passwords.

The problem is that, although everything seems to be encrypted (gpg 
files are encrypted when I try to open them in gedit or vi), pass won't 
ask for the gpg password anymore.

Another question is that when I open gpg files in emacs, they do not 
seem to be encrypted at all and I can see the files without being asked 
for any password. Emacs opens them in git mode, just as additional 

Thank you in advance,

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