[pass] Dependency on gpg v2

Dahlberg, David david.dahlberg at fkie.fraunhofer.de
Fri Feb 13 10:53:56 CET 2015

Am Freitag, den 13.02.2015, 10:23 +0100 schrieb Lucas Hoffmann:

> the README file states that pass depends on GPG2.  Is this correct? 

No. The hard dependency is on GnuPG 1 or GnuPG 2. AFAIK for both, some
non-ancient versions are required.

At the moment, for me it is even the case, that under Debian testing
(password-store 1.6.3, GnuPG 2.0.26, GnuPG 1.4.18), because of some
poorly documented changes in GnuPG 2 that break compatibility with old
keys, some feature of the password store commands (esp. gpg init) do
indeed work with the version 1 of GnuPG /only/ :-(

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