[pass] Extending pass with user-defined hooks / add ons

Steffen Vogel post at steffenvogel.de
Fri Jul 31 13:43:00 CEST 2015

Hi list,

> This is only a suggestion, but I wonder if it makes sense to try to build a toolbox of useful scripts like this which is *not* integrated into the main script (in the Unix tradition of "small is beautiful“).

Mike proposed something like a plugin / hook system to extend pass’ functionality for things like

 - the age of the password
 - last usage of the password

I really like this idea.

Maybe we can add a new (hidden) folder to the password git repo.
This directory then holds the user-specific extensions, like:


Then we only need to extend the main script to source the appropriate add on when calling:

    pass age mysuperpassword




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