[pass] Idiomatic way to view previous password version ?

Matthieu Weber mweber at free.fr
Thu Jun 11 19:19:02 CEST 2015

On Thu 11.06.2015 at 07:07:49PM +0200, Jean-Baptiste Denis wrote:
> when password store is a git repository, it is possible to view previous version
> of a secret (even deleted) using basic git commands :
> $ git log --follow --oneline -- test/root.gpg
> a5b04e2 Add generated password for test/root.
> acb163c Add generated password for test/root.
> 902f4a0 Remove test/root from store.
> 54399f7 Add password for test/root using editor.
> $ git show acb163c:test/root.gpg | gpg -d
> FJUdXkN9cv
> Is there any more idiomatic/efficient way to accomplish that ? It could be a
> cool feature =)

pass git log -p test/root.gpg

It will show you the changes in the file test/root.gpg for each commit
that affects that file. In case you don't know the diff format, the
lines started with a "-" are lines that are removed and the one started
with "+" are the ones that are added. For example


indicates that the files used to contain my_old_password, but the
current commit changed it to my_new_password

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