[pass] "No public key" - help?

Lenz Weber mail at lenzw.de
Sat Mar 14 10:03:53 CET 2015

I guess it's to keep the necessary moderation due to spam to a minimum.

On your problem:
can you do

    echo test | gpg -e -r mail at beyermatthias.de

on the command line?
If this is not working, your GPG setup might be incomplete.

Generally I would recommend you use your GPG short id 20CA0F94(?)
instead of your mail address - if you have a second key with the same
mail address in the future, there will be no mixups.


On 14.03.2015 09:40, Matthias Beyer wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm re-sending this mail because I was not subscribed to the list
> (why isn't it an open list, is there any reason to keep a list like
> this closed?).
> Hope someone can help me with this Problem:
> On 28-02-2015 17:38:51, Matthias Beyer wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have the following Problem, testing "pass":
>> pass init mail at beyermatthias.de pass insert
>> mail/mail at beyermatthias.de Enter password for
>> mail/mail at beyermatthias.de: Retype password for
>> mail/mail at beyermatthias.de: gpg: mail at beyermatthias.de: skipped:
>> No public key gpg: [stdin]: encryption failed: No public key
>> Can somebody tell me what causes this error?
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