[pass] gpg: [don't know]: 1st length byte missing

Sylvain Viart sylvain at opensource-expert.com
Wed Aug 31 16:44:32 CEST 2016


Le 31/08/2016 à 16:05, Brian Candler a écrit :
> On 31/08/2016 14:57, Sylvain Viart wrote:
>> pass show web/framapad.org
>> gpg: [don't know]: 1st length byte missing
> ls -l ~/.password-store/web/framapad.org.gpg

Nope, it has a non-zero size:

ls -l ~/.password-store/web/framapad.org.gpg
-rw------- 1 sylvain sylvain *528* juil. 19 15:27

file ~/.password-store/web/framapad.org.gpg
/home/sylvain/.password-store/web/framapad.org.gpg: PGP RSA encrypted
session key - keyid: 5CA808CC 37081464 RSA (Encrypt or Sign) 4096b .

But it is the smallest one, in the folder though.

> Recover it from a backup. If your password store is a git repository,
> then simply:
No git support, for this storage, but thanks, for the hint.

I was more thinking about some gpg hidden switch to try more to guess
the content.
Though I have recovered the lost password by clicking "I lost my
password" button…

So it's more about hacking file storage than a critical failure.


Sylvain Viart - Consultant informatique système linux

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