[pass] Patch: ability to type out password automatically using xdotool

Anas Syed anas27 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 14:01:02 CET 2016

Hi all,

I've added a command line flag to "pass show" so that a password may be
automatically typed out using xdotool after a specified delay. The
motivation for this is that the clipboard can be easily accessed, even
without any administrator privileges, and typing out a password by hand is
tedious. Client side web applications may also view clipboard contents,
whereas a keylogger requires elevated privileges and is more difficult for
an attacker to install on a your machine.

I've also ensured that the password doesn't appear in the output of a well
timed "ps".

This adds the optional dependency of "xdotool", should one want to use this

The flag may be used like so:

"pass show --type=5 email/gmail"


"pass show -t5 email/gmail".

If no argument is specified, the default delay of 3 seconds is used. The
default may be changed using the PASSWORD_STORE_TYPE_DELAY environment
variable. The delay may be anything "sleep" understands.

If there are any bugs or issues with this patch, please let me know.

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