[pass] Patch/discussion: allow signing/verifying .gpg-id files

Őry Máté orymate at ubuntu.com
Mon Feb 8 22:58:06 CET 2016


If you use password store on a non-trusted git service (you wouldnt even
need encryption if it were trusted), you may not notice if the .gpg-id file
is tampered. You may encrypt a new password for someone you didn't want.

Find attached a patch that implents signature and verification of gpg-id
files. The solution is NOT complete, because the signed data doesn't
mention the purpose of the signature, nor the target. You could freely copy
a signed gpg-id file from an other repository used by the signer. The same
is the case with subpaths.

I have some ideas of fixing this, but not sura about which is the best:

A snapshot should be held about .gpg-id files' content, and a diff shown to
the user if it changes?
An other environment variable should contain the name/uuid of the
repository, which is appended to the signed data?

Or breaking generality, git-specificly:
Git annotated tags should be used on the init -- or even all -- commits? Or
the signature should contain the commit id of the last change of the gpg-id?
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