[pass] Encrypt filenames in the store

Anne Jan Brouwer the_jinx at etv.cx
Sun Feb 14 02:37:33 CET 2016

The tree file would still have to be readable for all the recipients of all the "folders" and how would you store the (currently per-folder) .gpg-id files?

This sounds very incompatible with some of the pass ideas by nature.

On 14 February 2016 02:33:56 CET, franklin_wei <franklin_wei at protonmail.com> wrote:
>I'd like to propose a method for implementing this idea without
>destroying the whole idea behind pass. It goes as follows:
>1) Every new password entry is stored in a sequential filename. (0.gpg,
>1.gpg, etc.)
>2) There is a single global, encrypted, "key" entry that contains a
>list of mappings from entry names to filenames.
>This would make it difficult for an attacker to glean any meaningful
>information from password names, while still making it reasonably easy
>to manage passwords.
>Thank you
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