[pass] Automatic git push and git pull

Kevin Cox kevincox at kevincox.ca
Sat Jan 2 11:08:45 CET 2016

I just use syncthing.  There is probably a race where pass and syncthing
try to commit the change but with syncthing's delay to wait for more
changes it works quite well in practice.
On Jan 2, 2016 08:38, "Asheesh Laroia" <asheesh at sandstorm.io> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've been a happy user of "pass" for a few years.
> I just set up a private git repository that I now use "pass git push" to
> synchronize with.
> One thing I'm concerned about is that I might "pass generate" and then
> forget to "pass git push". Particularly, I'm used to having monitoring
> and/or automation for essential systems. So I'm curious - has anyone set up
> automatic "git push" upon running "pass generate"?
> I know I could write some of my own scripts as git hooks, but it seems to
> me it's a little nontrivial, so in the interest of saving time and
> discovering existing best practices, I'm interested in finding out if
> others have done something already.
> I'm interested in hearing about all approaches people have set up, even
> ones they're not super thrilled with!
> Here's my first thought on how I'd do it (though happy to hear other ideas
> too)
> - On "pass generate" (aka on creating a new local commit), do a "pass git
> push", and if it fails, declare that it's OK that it failed
> - On "pass" (password copying), if origin/master is behind local master,
> print a warning saying that I should "pass git push". (This handles failure
> from the previous item.)
> - On "pass" (password copying), if origin/master and master are in sync
> but origin/master hasn't been fetched in (say) 7 days, then print a warning
> saying "You should probably run 'pass git pull'." Detect the last fetch of
> origin/master by looking at the filesystem mtime of .git/FETCH_HEAD, e.g.
> on my system:
> $ ls -l .git/FETCH_HEAD
> -rw-r--r-- 1 paulproteus paulproteus 113 Jan  1 23:32 .git/FETCH_HEAD
> Curious what others have done!
> Cheers,
> Asheesh.
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