[pass] Possible improvements

Matthew Monaco matt at monaco.cx
Sat Jan 23 18:05:04 CET 2016

You're asking for a different project.

On 01/23/2016 07:03 AM, Dashamir Hoxha wrote:
> Hi,
> Why do you use asymmetric encryption (public/private keys).
> I think that symmetric encrypion is easier, stronger, and simpler
> (you don't need to generate and maintain a key, all you need is
> a passphrase). It can be done with `gpg -c ...`.

I use my smartcard for the crypto, can't do that with only symmetric. I also
share some keys with my wife, can't do that without sharing the password.

> Second issue: I think that it is not good that the structure of
> directories, subdiretories and files is visible and unencrypted,
> because it does give out some information about which sites
> you are using. Is it not possible to create an archive (tar) file
> of this directory and to encrypt this archive file? Then you can
> decrypt it when you need to change or read something.

There's been a lot of discussion here about this. It would be nice, but it would
kill a really nice feature: the automatic git change history. You can put a
wrapper around pass that stores everything in an encrypted block device, or use
encfs, ...

> Regards,
> Dashamir
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