[pass] QR-code command

hi at ahst.ro hi at ahst.ro
Fri Jan 29 12:04:04 CET 2016

This is basically just a copy of the `cmd_show()` command except, 
instead of
outputting the password string or using `xclip` to copy it to the 
this uses `qrencode` to output a QR-code of the password.

I decided I wanted this functionality for myself, but I definitely 
if you're hesitant to merge it since it would add another dependency - 
- to the project.

The command - `pass qr` - can take an optional type flag in either short 
TYPE) or long (--type=TYPE) format, which is used directly with 
`qrencode` to
determine how the QR-code is output. I've set the default to `UTF8` 
instead of
letting qrencode default to `PNG` because `UTF8` outputs to stdout and I 
most `pass` users want to stay in a terminal as much as possible.

I've never submitted a patch through a mailing list before, so I hope 
I'm doing
this correctly.

Also, thank you for an amazing piece of software.
Password store really saved me from the clutches of KeePass's GUI and 

Best regards,
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