[pass] TOTP/OATH integration

Cameron Eagans me at cweagans.net
Fri Mar 25 18:51:55 CET 2016

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if there would be any interest in adding TOTP/OATH
integration to `pass`. Essentially, I'd just store the TOTP secret in
the pass file for a given site, and then be able to run something to the
effect of `pass otp whatever.com` to get the one time password. This
would obviously be useful for the browser plugins, and would add a
feature that has kept me from moving to pass from 1Password.

I'm also wondering if there would be any interest in rearchitecting `pass`
to use https://github.com/basecamp/sub as a base. The benefit that I see
here is that it would be trivially easy for users to add functionality
to pass without having to modify the core program. Essentially, they can
just drop sub-commands into their $PATH somewhere, make them executable,
and then be able to run `pass sub-command` and see their command in the
usage information from `pass`. Another advantage is that we can break
up the main script into it's subcommands, and each command can have it's
own usage documentation (i.e. `pass delete` without any options can
display it's own usage block).

If there's interest in either or both of these things, I'd be happy to
submit patches.


Cameron Eagans

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