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Mon May 9 15:20:44 CEST 2016

Quoting Brian Candler (2016-05-09 06:59:43)
> ... 
> I have multiple git-backed password stores for different clients. Right 
> now I am using wrapper scripts to set the base directory, e.g.
> ...
> 2. git adds and commits have to take place in the right repo.
> This will involve either:
> - walking back up the tree from the leaf to find a parent with a .git 
> subdirectory, and setting GIT_DIR to this; or
> - cd to the directory where the file exists, and let git itself walk upwards
> 3. What happens if I put my personal password store (also a git repo) at 
> the top level, and client password stores as subdirectories? This means 
> I'll have a git repo within a git repo. Maybe git submodules would be 
> required, but that makes things complicated.
> ...
> Any comments?

I see another option. There's a technique called fake bare Git repositories, 
which keeps $GIT_DIR in a different directory from $GIT_WORK_TREE which might be pointed 

To see what I'm talking about, check out a project written in shell called vcsh.

But, instead of keeping the meta data in $HOME/.config/vcsh/repo.d/$account.git
We might keep the meta data in $PASSWORD_STORE_DIR/.config/vcsh/repo.d/$account.git

pass vcsh client1 pull
pass vcsh client1 commit .
pass vcsh client1 push

I'm not sure if I need this feature at the moment, but it's interesting.

At your service,

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