[pass] Comments in .gid-id files

Mike Selby mike.selby at mantlehosting.co.uk
Tue May 17 10:23:42 CEST 2016

Dear list

Forgive me if I am getting this wrong format wise or style wise, this being
the very first time I have submitted anything to an open source mailing

It would be very handy if .git-id files could be commented when using pass
in a team setting like this :

CE29776A #Mike Selby
AB42F9B2 #Joe Bloggs
FAD0CB4B #AWS web servers

A patch to make that happen is :

diff --git a/tmp/pass.sh b/tmp/pass-new.sh
index 63be840..5c7037c 100644
--- a/tmp/pass.sh
+++ b/tmp/pass-new.sh
@@ -75,11 +75,13 @@ set_gpg_recipients() {
                exit 1

-       local gpg_id
-       while read -r gpg_id; do
-               GPG_RECIPIENT_ARGS+=( "-r" "$gpg_id" )
-               GPG_RECIPIENTS+=( "$gpg_id" )
-       done < "$current"
+        local gpg_id_full
+        local gpg_id
+        while read -r gpg_id_full; do
+                gpg_id="`/bin/echo $gpg_id_full | /bin/awk -F# '{print
$1}'` "
+                GPG_RECIPIENT_ARGS+=( "-r" "$gpg_id" )
+                GPG_RECIPIENTS+=( "$gpg_id" )
+        done < "$current"

 reencrypt_path() {


This would help greatly with our documentation. We are using pass to
distribute secrets using CFEngine to a network of virtual machines each
with different privileges requiring different secrets.  Each virtual
machine image has a key pair generated when the image for a role is first
set up.  In our version control repository we need only list the public key
files from each image (for import to developer workstations) and have a
multi folder pass store with different .gpg-id files in each listing the
key ids of each image that should be granted access to the secrets in that
folder. Each image is thus delivered all the secrets by CFEngine for
simplicity but can only decrypt the ones it ought to.  It seems to work
quite nicely.

Thanks for your time.

Mike Selby


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