[pass] [Feature Request] Add a `--raw` option to `pass ls`

Kevin Cox kevincox at kevincox.ca
Wed Nov 9 00:13:05 CET 2016

On 08/11/16 21:08, Lucas Hoffmann wrote:
> I also tried to kick off a discussion about parsable output some time
> ago (should be in the archive) but with no big results :(

I think the current stance is that the backing format of the repository
is well defined and simple, so there is little value gained from
re-implementing all the unix tools through the pass frontend. The pass
tool was designed to be used by humans and if you want to script
access/management/whatever of the password store just ignore the
frontend and access the underlying directory directly.

I'm not saying that it is the best stance (very little abstraction) but
I think it's fairly reasonable given the simplicity of the problem and

TL;DR We don't need `pass ls --raw` because we have `ls -1`

Cheers, Kevin

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