[pass] Wrong key used for encryption (only pubkey available, no private key)

Martin Weis martin.weis.newsadress at gmx.de
Mon Nov 14 12:30:48 CET 2016


I have a weird problem with pass: some files are encrypted with the
wrong key of another person, of which I only have the public key.
This leads to the situation that I cannot decrypt the file ("no private
key found").

This might have happened since I intermittedly switched to a newer
version of pass (from git). Though it also happened lately by editing
files with Ubuntu 14LTS version, too:
pass --version

However, it should never happen that a file is encrypted only with
public keys, at least one of the keys should have a private part.
Otherwise the encryption may be fine, but you yourself cannot decrypt ;)

Maybe I missed some option or config, at least I tried the new feature
multiple key ids (never with the actually used, wrong pubkey) in a
subdir test/, but reverted that already (only one .gpg_id in top dir).


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