[pass] generate passwords natively instead of dependency

ilf ilf at zeromail.org
Mon Nov 14 22:27:03 CET 2016

Currently, pass depends on pwgen to generate passwords. I think it would 
be easy and desirable to drop this dependency and generate passwords 

Here's a simple way to generate passwords from /dev/random directly in 

tr -dc "[:graph:]" < /dev/urandom | head -c 32

We could also use "alnum" instead of "graph" and/or "base64" instead of 

I really see no reason to add an extra dependency, just for its single 
use on line 457 of src/password-store.sh.

Also, we gain being in control of (and responsible) of password 
generation ourselves. In the past, there have been issues with pwgen 
using low-entopy:

What do you think?

Thanks, and keep up the good work!


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