Mac Version of pass not asking for gpg ID?

Cycle London at
Wed Nov 23 14:16:11 CET 2016

Trying to use 'pass' on my Mac, but it is displaying passwords without
asking for my GPG ID.

I run : `pass init 0x123456789`

That gets me:

Password store initialized for 0x123456789

I then add a password to test:

`pass insert at`

That gets me a password prompt twice, so I enter the password.

I then try:

`[~] john at Mac% (126) pass at`

Why doesn't it ask for my passphrase?

FYI, '0x123456789' is what I get from `gpg --list-keys` and is the ID that
comes after the key length in the output.

What am I doing wrong, or is the Mac version broken ?
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