[PATCH] add possibility to use git in a sub-folder for multi repo

Philippe BEAUMONT philippe.beaumont at nfrance.com
Mon Apr 10 10:41:01 CEST 2017

Le 08/04/2017 à 08:34, Martin Weis a écrit :
> Hello!
> Am 29.03.2017 um 10:20 schrieb Philippe BEAUMONT:
>> I currently use password store with multi git repository. All work great
>> but the command "pass git" only accept one git repository in the
>> ~/.password-store directory.
>> So I have create a patch to add the option -C.
>> For exemple, if you want to pull the directory ~/password-store/myrepo/,
>> just type :
>> pass git -C myrepo pull
> I do not get what exactly the patch should achieve.
> * pushing to more than one repository location?
>   you can add repos with git, for pulling leave out --push [1]
>   git remote set-url origin --push --add user2 at repo2
> * you have a fixed position ($1) for the option?
>   I found getopt to be used in pass (didn't get the details, though)
> [1]
> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/849308/pull-push-from-multiple-remote-locations/12795747#12795747

My english may be to poor to explain my patch correctly :)

So it didn't allow to have multiple remote master repository : it allow 
to change the current directory for git option.

So if you can change directory, you can made :

pass git -C myrepo init
pass git -C myotherrepo init

And next have .password-store/myrepo/ and .password-store/myotherrepo/ 
in two different git tree.

The -C option will have exactly the same function as the original git 
option : change working directory.

Is it more clear with this explaination ?

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