[PATCH] add possibility to use git in a sub-folder for multi repo

Philippe BEAUMONT philippe.beaumont at nfrance.com
Tue Apr 11 16:51:12 CEST 2017

Le 10/04/2017 à 19:39, Jason A. Donenfeld a écrit :
> Hi Philippe,

> I like this idea, but the implementation is bad. Please use getopt
> just like every other subcommand that takes arguments. When you
> resubmit, please send this using git-send-email, with the patch inline
> like usual, so that I can actually review the patch. Failing this, it
> won't be reviewed or accepted.
> Jason

I like this idea too :)

I have rewrite with getopt and my test are correct. If you have any 
other sugestion, please tell me to adapt the patch.

I don't have add bash completion or other shell completion because I 
never work with it. If someone want to add it, it will be great.


ps : The patch have been send on the mailing list.

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