[PATCH] a single result from find prompts the user

John Gliksberg jg.trosh at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 20:40:34 CEST 2017

On 19 April 2017 20:09:38 CEST, Milo Gertjejansen <milo at milogert.com> wrote:
>Thanks for the feedback. I could try my hand at a plugin instead of a
>change if this ends up not making it into pass proper.
>I see your point about the structure. Even some of my entries are not
>structured like that. My main gripe was that it didn't just copy the
>password for me so any changes beyond clipping the password was
>probably me
>Would the patch be more in line with the rest of pass if find accepted
>"-c" argument to clip the password if there is only one result? Then
>user would have to do something that they would be familiar with to
>find act differently. Or even provide a list of files to choose to clip
>from if many were matched?

How about a patch with a new “findshow” command?

It would search like find, and if there is one result (or maybe the first if there are several) act like show.

It could take a -c flag like show.

I don't see why the user would have to specify which entries would be taken into account — show doesn't; the only difference being calling findshow doesn't guarantee what the resulting entry will be. It nonetheless seems a superfluous distinction to introduce in this tool.

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