enhancement ideas

shawn wilson ag4ve.us at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 04:39:27 CEST 2017

A few thoughts (about the code in general and my uses):

1. You have a basic check of gpg using:
which gpg2 &>/dev/null && GPG="gpg2"
I think it would be better to use:
command -v gpg >/dev/null 2>&1

Other commands should be checked for as well, such as: git, clip,
find, tree, pwgen (others?)

2. It should be possible to include schemas that pwgen allows when
adding a new password w/in pass (so that I don't have to use pwgen
directly and then manually create the pgp file/insert it - idr exactly
how I did it last time some site limited my password complexity)

3. Allow for a config file that is sourced so that I don't have to
define sane defaults at cli (ie, I know I'm always going to want a 20
char pass generated - and for the next idea)

4. Some sites limit password length and complexity in certain ways,
it'd be nice if we could generate/steal a list of these limitations
(ie, Bank of America doesn't allow special characters and has a 25
char limit IIRC). So it'd be nice if i could say, generate me a new
password for that site, and it's done.

5. Automatic password resets - where possible, it'd be nice, using
curl (or firefox/chrome where some extra - ie picture - verification
is required), if we could say "update this password, using this
username for this site" and pass could handle that for me.

6. It'd be nice if we had a way of writing out passwords in qrcodes
(so that I can easily read it onto my phone). Right now, I do:
 % declare -f qrpass

                                                         ~ localhost
qrpass () {
        pass "$1" | qrencode -o - -t UTF8

7. It'd be nice if the git repo were at the top of the page (like
somewhere next to the tarball download link) so I didn't have to
scroll down most of the page to look for it. It'd also be nice if an
official github repo was linked to. One could argue you'd be trusting
a 3rd party source for code, but though commits and merges aren't
signed, tags are, so....

I mainly want feedback on whether these changes would be acceptable -
I have no issue implementing them.

ps -
        local id_print="$(printf "%s, " "$@")"
should be:
printf -v id_print .......

along w/ some other subshells w/ printf

variables should be used instead of subshells w/ dirname to save some
speed (not that it really needs it - just isn't necessary to be done
like that - afaict skimming it)

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