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Hello all! New subscriber to the list here :)

On 04/23, shawn wilson wrote:

> 3. Allow for a config file that is sourced so that I don't have to
> define sane defaults at cli (ie, I know I'm always going to want a 20
> char pass generated - and for the next idea)

I don't have much to add, other than that I would really appreciate such
a feature too.

> 4. Some sites limit password length and complexity in certain ways,
> it'd be nice if we could generate/steal a list of these limitations
> (ie, Bank of America doesn't allow special characters and has a 25
> char limit IIRC). So it'd be nice if i could say, generate me a new
> password for that site, and it's done.

Hmm, not sure I fully understand this one. Are you saying that pass
should have a list of common sites password restrictions hardcoded?
Because that would be potentially be a very long list.

> 5. Automatic password resets - where possible, it'd be nice, using
> curl (or firefox/chrome where some extra - ie picture - verification
> is required), if we could say "update this password, using this
> username for this site" and pass could handle that for me.

I'm not aware of a common interface across websites that does this. I
would be interested in learning about it if you know one.

> 6. It'd be nice if we had a way of writing out passwords in qrcodes
> (so that I can easily read it onto my phone). Right now, I do:
>  % declare -f qrpass
>                                                          ~ localhost
> qrpass () {
>         pass "$1" | qrencode -o - -t UTF8
> }

What is your pass version? If you have >= 1.7, can't you just use -q?


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