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You said "all" and didn't comment on keeping this off list, so I'm assuming
this should be on list.

(on a phone - syntax not checked)

On Apr 24, 2017 12:34 AM, "Panashe M. Fundira" <contact at panashefundira.me>

On 04/23, shawn wilson wrote:

Hello all! New subscriber to the list here :)

> 3. Allow for a config file that is sourced so that I don't have to
> define sane defaults at cli (ie, I know I'm always going to want a 20
> char pass generated - and for the next idea)

I don't have much to add, other than that I would really appreciate such
a feature too.

> 4. Some sites limit password length and complexity in certain ways,
> it'd be nice if we could generate/steal a list of these limitations
> (ie, Bank of America doesn't allow special characters and has a 25
> char limit IIRC). So it'd be nice if i could say, generate me a new
> password for that site, and it's done.

Hmm, not sure I fully understand this one. Are you saying that pass
should have a list of common sites password restrictions hardcoded?
Because that would be potentially be a very long list.

So yes, this would be a long list, and should not go in the core script. An
api would need to be written. See below - I'm not talking about creating a
full list. I'm talking about making the mechanism, making a few work. Maybe
finding some resources if people have done this before (and implementing
whatever I can/feel like from that) and leaving the rest to the community.
I can't guarantee that I know exactly what I'm asking, but I've got a
pretty good idea :)

> 5. Automatic password resets - where possible, it'd be nice, using
> curl (or firefox/chrome where some extra - ie picture - verification
> is required), if we could say "update this password, using this
> username for this site" and pass could handle that for me.

I'm not aware of a common interface across websites that does this. I
would be interested in learning about it if you know one.

Definitely isn't a common interface for this. Best case - figure out
headers to pass to curl and request parameters to handle it. Worst case,
get a GUI browser as close as possible (possibly with xclip) and the user
would need to do the rest (I have no inclination of wanting selenium or
similar as a prerequisite to pass).

My idea is to have a file that gets sourced in order to add this. I think
you'd want something like this:

corp_fn () {

  corp_fn () {

Sourced from a file or agree on a /var/lib/pass/* (and ~/.local/pass/*)
place for a bunch self contained function files to live that can handle
this. Only parameter the api would need to support is username.

One could also argue for a schema for username and a password ttl, but I
kinda like the free form nature of the pass structure and xattr has (had at
least) issues copying across filesystems and would leak data (as would git
notes and the like).

Though, as this is a a password manager, and I am talking about scripting
web calls and sending user passwords to 3rd parties, and storing new
strings (depending on a web site resource - which could be unreliable if a
site changes - so has the potential to eat your kids). Given all of this,
even though I think this could be a nice / cool feature, I'd understand

> 6. It'd be nice if we had a way of writing out passwords in qrcodes
> (so that I can easily read it onto my phone). Right now, I do:
>  % declare -f qrpass
>                                                          ~ localhost
> qrpass () {
>         pass "$1" | qrencode -o - -t UTF8
> }

What is your pass version? If you have >= 1.7, can't you just use -q?

Oops, should've looked - wasn't there last time I looked (years ago?)
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