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Kjetil Torgrim Homme kjetil.homme at redpill-linpro.com
Wed Jan 4 10:34:54 CET 2017

Den 02. jan. 2017 08:43, Dahlberg, David skreiv:
> Am Sonntag, den 18.12.2016, 18:21 +0100 schrieb Jason A. Donenfeld:
>> On Sun, Dec 18, 2016 at 4:19 PM, Antoine Beaupré <anarcat at debian.org> wrote:
>>> /dev/urandom doesn't seem to exist in OpenBSD, as far as I could tell
>>> when i did my research, but I don't have an OpenBSD box on hand to
>>> test this either.
>> Can anybody confirm or deny this assertion?
> All /dev/[asu]?random devices do and are the the same.
> http://man.openbsd.org/OpenBSD-current/man4/random.4

I don't think that manual page was very enlightening, but this
discussion sheds more light on urandom's behaviour:


    /dev/(u)random on BSD actually blocks until it has collected
    enough entropy to get going, and doesn't block thereafter.

in other words, for pass(1) usage, /dev/urandom works just fine on OpenBSD.

Kjetil T. Homme
Redpill Linpro - Changing the game

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