Utilizing a different gpg binary with pass

Simon Lackerbauer simon at lackerbauer.com
Sat Jan 7 18:33:28 CET 2017

On 01/07/2017 05:08 PM, nicklaus at kulinacs.com wrote:
> I don't just override my path because I would still like to use the
standard gpg2 binary for most things not involving my private keys,
particularly symmetric encryption.

You can do that easily by just overriding PATH for when you're invoking pass

PATH=/your/custom/gpg/bin:$PATH pass

or define an alias like

alias pass='PATH=/your/custom/gpg/dir:$PATH pass'

Then only pass will use your custom binary while normally invoking gpg
will use /usr/bin/gpg or wherever your gpg binary lies.

Addendum: Be sure to have both gpg and gpg2 available in that custom
dir, because I think pass will use gpg2 if available anywhere.


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