Multiple Git subdirectories for different environments

Todd A. Jacobs spamivore+listmail at
Wed Jan 11 18:00:56 CET 2017

I've been thinking about how pass currently implements Git, and wondering
how one is intended to use subdirectories to divide up passwords. By
default, pass doesn't really do any Git initializations; it seems to simply
check whether PASSWORD_STORE_DIR is a Git directory.

I see an option for PASSWORD_STORE_GIT, but there's no real example of how
that's meant to be used. In addition, I suppose one could always use
submodules or subtree merging to keep segments of the store separate, but
again I don't see specific examples of how this is meant to be implemented

What's the best practice if one wants to have separate sub-stores for
different work environments, where only the relevant subdirectories are
pulled in by Git?

Todd A. Jacobs
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